EP False Vacuum

by AcrimonY

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Produced by: Samar Mehdi & Gaurav Khanna
E.P. Release Date: December 21, 2011

The title refers to a sub-theory of the 'Parallel universe' theory, according to which,

"When the universe began, instead of a gravitational pull to keep things together, there was a reverse type of gravitation working and instead repelled everything from it, which was termed a 'false vacuum.' The two conditions are separated, ofcourse, by some energy barrier at the center, thereby forming a metastable system."

The five tracks in E.P. have found their focal point at such metastable system that displays the existence of two distinct parallel worlds, where corrupt, timid souls from the world of make-believe (mocked by calling it the "true" vacuum) is being dragged by an inevitable force onto 'the other side' (called the "false" vacuum), the world of suffering.

It is believed under the false vacuum theory that the transition from one world to the other can only be triggered by the most powerful forces there can ever be, and the five tracks have infact depicted how the emotions at their absolute extreme ("rage", "grief" as in case of the EP's tracks) can trigger a force so powerful that it drives through the dividing energy barrier, out on to the other side.

1. Showdown
With focus on the ones in power who're self-absorbed and corrupt to the core, this track is about throwing down the gauntlet, challenging the ones who believe they're invincible, announcing one's intent to turn the tables on the ones who've been hiding behind their high walls.
Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial & Aditya Jarial

2. Recede to Death
Musically our richest track yet, this track conveys a fictional story based on Karma. The story shows how one keeps running all his life fearing the aftermath of his darkest sins, and eventually discovers that he kept running around a God damn circle, at the end of which he found himself receding to the aftermath he so feared.
Lyrics: Samar Mehdi

3. Smash 'em Good
With focus on all haters & baseless critics who constantly push you down with no rhyme or reason, this track is about the one time you stand up & give it back to them tenfold.
Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial

4. Can't Sleep
This track is about the times one is weak enough to let betrayal from a loved one open doors to self-inflicted torture & insanity, how boundless love turns into boundless hate, while memories haunt every solitary moment of everyday.
Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial

5. Deceased
This track is the most personal to the band, & shows how death of loved ones can lead to apathy & disinterest in the world's affairs, how you explore depths & dimensions of solitude, how life can feel like a punishment which you take upon yourself as penance for not caring enough, & how you wish that if given a chance, you would readily trade souls, so they could still be alive & continue the life they deserved, even if this came at the cost of your own life.
Lyrics: Dhairya Anand

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released December 21, 2011

• Engineered by: Yash Vasaniya
• Produced & Mixed by: Samar Mehdi
• Post-Production by: Samar Mehdi & Gaurav Khanna
• Recorded at: The Note13 Studios, Bhopal, MP; Utkarsh Studios, Bhopal, MP; Kratika Studios, Bhopal MP
• Management: (None)
• Agent: Frameshift Initiatives
• Art Director: Demon Studio (Album Cover), Sarah Mehdi (Track Artwork) & Anirudh Thomas (Acrimony Logo)
• Marketing Guru(s): Frameshift Initiatives, Samar Mehdi & Dhairya Anand
• PR: Frameshift Initiatives & Arya Anand
• All Songs Written By: Acrimony
• All Songs are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
• Special thanks to Sameer Rahat & Robin John for their elaborate contributions & scrutinized reviews. Also to Shwetang Shankar, Siddharth Basrur & Aditya Jarial for their significant inputs to the EP's eventual shape.
• Acrimony thoroughly appreciates the warmth and support offered by our families, friends & above all, our dearest Acrimoniacs.




AcrimonY Bhopal, India

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Track Name: Showdown
"Rip you off your label, try to find a place to stand
Hold your feet as this table turns around your plan
Take a step for havoc take another one for me
I'll take your freedom observation & set you free

So go lie to yourself!
'cause you're bound to vanquish
& every one of your follower clan is gonna stand to the witness!

So go lie to them all!
Anyway you're gonna fall!

'cause you got no face to put on now
Do you have the balls for a showdown?

Your blood fuels a monster inside me
Decried by your own kind you stand deceived
Your past is now an infirmity
Your own prayers will now rape your peace

Smiles turn now, sarcastic to odious
Feel the ground beneath you tremble
And when we fire up the chainsaws
It’s when you feel your fumble

Face down!"

[Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial & Aditya Jarial]
Track Name: Recede to Death
"Finally awoken by the beckoning of the past
Where I, befuddled by the quest for satisfaction
Only satirized by the life of a materialist
Finally I left the specious path I chose
Forfeited my possessions that made me go astray
A soul drowned in guilt that I forsake’d you
Forlorn pursuit of pleasure, forlorn that I left you
I receded while repentance landed ravaging blows

Even as I retreated, still reminiscent, were your anxious eyes
And how I scrounged your bliss with my impulsive lies provoked by avarice
And before long I reached, but my feet atrophied to contrition’s onslaught
But soon I ventured inside, while shadows conspired a sinister plot….

Passing the ingress, I was astounded by the unperturbed content
While I stood aghast, only my eyes could dare but manage motion
Mystified, I looked around to halt at the emergence of her feet
There she stood, but by then, even my eyes had surrendered
As those feet slipped closer, I could feel the chill go down my spine
“Come... take rest... you must be tired”, she said and turned away
Bewildered by her conciseness and content, I touched her shoulder
And flash of an unholy light knocked me unconscious!

And when I opened my eyes, all I could see was fire, but my body didn’t burn
Was all this a dream? Is it that I’m dead? Was I burned alive?
And I heard her scream, she was falling off the stairs, her body was on fire
I rushed to hold her, but tumbled and fell down, unconscious again….

This time when I got up I saw…
The house was battered and dark
The walls were black
There was nothing but ashes
And it all appeared to have been corroding for years

And evil winds kissed my face like I was being prepared for a sacrifice
Adored before getting beheaded
And allured to accept the pain they’d bestow upon me

And from the dark, a ghoul emerged
My heart confirmed that was the end
Now I knew what was going on
It was all a perfect plan to escort me to my demise

She showed me how she killed herself
Suicide was her only escape from the memories
And this is what all this long she had waited for
To shower her rage, to have her revenge….


[Lyrics: Samar Mehdi]
Track Name: Smash 'em Good
"The cancellation of your fate is evident through their eyes
The colours that they see are human walls before their eyes
Watch your enemies as I kill them out of my frustration
Level ‘em up ‘coz you’ve gotta smash ‘em good!

Taste the eyes of your fear
Breathe the air that’s filled with unrest
Feel the grin that’s arriving
Tell them all that they failed the test
Watch your enemies as I kill them out of my frustration
Level ‘em up ‘coz you’ve gotta smash ‘em good!

Even if the light should call you, tell you that you are through
The dark is yours to render, so pull the rage to your groove
They’ll tell you to confide in them, those puppets of the parasite
Kill their immortal greed, give them the other side!"

[Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial]
Track Name: Can't Sleep
"My hands were left bleeding that made me numb inside
My eyes were left unclosed that made me go blind
This was how I was left when you forsake’d me

I tried to forget your deeds
Every second I ignored your greed
But the memories are still awake
For the reason that my eyes can’t sleep

Seeking the corner that’s not left with any hope
Crawling down the alley to find my way home
This was how I was left when you forsake’d me

I tried to forget your deeds
Every second I ignored your greed
But the memories are still awake
For the reason that my eyes can’t sleep"

[Lyrics: Arjun Singh Jarial]
Track Name: Deceased
"Drowning in darkness, away from the light
To find a remedy, I'm sick of this life
Surrounded by sorrows, hope left behind, all I…
All I'm left with are the memories of the day that you died

Tortured by time, learnt nothing but hate
Misery laughs while writing my fate
No way for me to kill the disease
In this jigsaw incomplete without a piece

Find it for me I’ll trade away my soul
And give you all you'll ever need
‘Coz I have nothing to live for…
I have nothing to live for…

Everything I had was burning right before my eyes
I saw it all ruin like an unintended sacrifice
No remains of the better days
The ashes too have gone away
And I'm still in search of hope…

Find it for me I’ll trade away my soul
And give you all you'll ever need
‘coz I have nothing to live for…
I have nothing to live for…"

[Lyrics: Dhairya Anand]